Photos: Patricia Laine

Bridges NOT Walls /

Puentes NO Muros


Saturday, May 19  |  8:30pm

The Colony Theatre

Tickets: $35  |  $15 Students


The theater is fully wheelchair accessible.

The world-class Mexico City Ballet/Compania de Danza Clasica Quintana Roo, will share the stage in Part Two of the Bridges NOT Walls project. The work uses the language of dance to unite cultures, dispel biases, and diffuse political tensions.


Bridges NOT Walls/Puentes NO Muros speaks to the pressures we face as humans; each of us seeks uniqueness and definition, each of us wants to be a member of a community. Yet these descriptors divide. It addresses finding common ground while not only accepting but celebrating our differences. It references the whiplash in our country inspired by the 2016 US presidential campaign but also reaches into the international global migration crisis, identity, and the search to rectify the challenges of living as one World.


Bridges NOT Walls/Puentes NO Muros is a two-year collaboration between Dance NOW! Miami, the leading contemporary dance company in South Florida and Mexico City Ballet/Compania Danza Clásica Quintana Roo (Under the direction of Jasmany Hernandez and Yazmin Barragan). After performing the work in its initial stages in Chetumal, Quintana Roo this past April where the company received a commendation from the Ministry of Culture (presented by the Undersecretary of Culture) and by invitation at the 2017 Festival Internacional de Chihuahua in October, the two companies bring this poignant and current work of art to culmination where it will debut in its entirety in an event that will shed a light on the need for artists, communities and countries to come together rather than be driven apart.